Lana Del Rey – Tropico

I’m loving the trend towards long form video. A good viral clip is cool, but you know proper story telling & film making still works for me.

This short film by Anthony Mandler is pretty epic in it’s ambition. Perfectly matching Lana’s haunting songs & controversial subject matter. Very reminiscent of Madonna in her first push to super stardom. Parodying traditional American icons Elvis, Marilyn, John Wayne as well as Jesus & the church, very much like the Queen of Pop did in the 90’s.

Tapping into the massive sexualisation of modern popular culture with overtly sexual imagery & the obligatory strippers & gangs, this film both glamourises & questions the role of sex in modern urban city life. Whilst asking the question how consumerism has affected our nature. Have we always been a mix of gods & monsters?

Can’t wait for the album & the next film.

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