Northern Soul

Over 15 years in the making, this film promises to be completely worth the wait. Only a handful of films have ever really captured a scene properly. So that heads will nod & smile, and kids who didn’t or don’t know, will wish they had been there. Elaine Constanine story threatens to do just that..

Northern soul is, and was, a very distinct type of scene. It finished at point, and unlike other tribes likes mods & punks, there has been, and can be no real revival. No re-edits, remixes, versions or covers for northern soul. The definition of a northern soul tune is tight & indeed finite. So, northern soul is indeed the rarest of things, a moment that is very difficult to revive. Founded on black soul tunes that had not been the mass hits of Motown, the northern soul tunes were mainly rarities & deletions.

Originally a term coined by Dave Godin to differentiate the sound from the new smoother sounds that would become funk, the scene was based around a number of key all nighters in Wigan, Manchester, Stoke & Bolton. All nighters that had a fierce code based around dancing, fuelled by amphetamines & a desire to be different.

A largely undiscovered scene with great undiscovered tunes, with no modern revival. Almost seems a shame to shine the light on it, but I can’t wait!

The film is due out later this year.

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