DJ Mix – A Love Thang

I’m not entirely sure when I did this mix. Think it must have been 10 years ago. Anyway, thought it had been lost to the house moving fairies…

Then whilst digging around for a blank CD, there it is, in a pile of CD cases.

The idea was to create a mix that skipped across genre boundaries, not in a mash up style, but in a more fluid vibey head nodding kinda way.

From classics like George Benson’s “The Ghetto”, Morales’ mix of First Choice “Love Thang”, and Stetsasonic “Talking all that Jazz”, to hidden gems like Tutto Matto’s “Straight to You”.

A little bit of lost art to warm the cockles on a Monday morning.

Big up to Geoff Gray for the pic.

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  1. Meredith wrote:

    Great mix – great artwork!

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