Gumdrop – Kerry Conran & Stephen Lawes

So much creative talent is now focussed on making great films for the internet. Surely it won’t be long before the distinction between made for TV & made for web will disappear with the advent of connected TV’s.

One of the things that will doubtless bring this blurring of the lines fast forward, is the number of established film makers turning their creative attention to the internet.

Kerry Conran is one such film maker. Having already directed Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. The ultimately unsuccessful box-office feature from 2004.

Gumdrops is the story of a young actress with big hopes and dreams who wants to make it in Hollywood. The twist? She’s a robot.

Disarmingly funny, at the same time quite knowing, without ever feeling pretentious, this is a delightful film with a great script, beautifully integrated CGI, and brilliantly delivered lines.

Behind the scenes

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