A couple of weekends back saw me attend a festival in Bognor Regis. The festival shall remain anonymous, as I wont be involved in free promotion. The icing on the weekend’s messy cake was that the festival took place in a Butlins. Yep a Butlins. Now, maybe this is just me but when someone says Butlins I think pastel colours, awful plywood self service kitchens with a kettle made out of paper that still whistles to illustrate its optimum temperature. Buildings have maximum two floors and the vast majority you could probably throw a child through the cheap plastered walls and they would sustain zero injury, depending on how high the throw was. I was very wrong, we found ourselves scaling a six-floor hotel with chrome and vibrant neon colors everywhere. Friendly young staff that appeared to enjoy their jobs and a room with a sea view, some plush interior that included a fully functioning digital TV and sexy headboard bed lights.

The moral of the story, friends, is if you get a free ticket to spend a weekend partying in a Butlins, you should go. They even clean up your crap after you trash their rooms for them!

Down to business. First up today is the lady called Leila. She is quoted as saying she “wishes she was as interested in the fact that she comes from Iran as everyone else”. Warps first lady is a trip hop; electronic beast whose music you’re bound to have heard from adverts or more traditional places you’d hear music. Check out a nice chat/interview with her below as she runs you through her essential tunes that any Leila fan will warmly reminisce over.

Hatcha is by definition an absolute stalwart of the UK dubstep scene and will have seen it grow since day 1 when he was working at Big Apple. It seems sad when you have so many young dubsteppers or dare I mention the “brostep” movement whatever that may be at the minute, who have no idea who this guy is or how important he has been to the scene as a whole. The show below see’s Hatcha run us through his favourite tracks that have helped him lave slave to dancefloor all over the world.

As a youth I was a DnB head. As an adult I am still a DnB head. The music just makes me grin as appose to stomp around angrily with my screw face on and shirt off waiting for the drop of every dubstep track I can think of by Skrillex or Nero. Marcus Intalex is to DnB what water is to man……. So kind of a big deal really, and makes up like 90% of our bodies. The mix below is the next chapter in Soul:ution Radio and takes you through the spectrum of DnB with only the choicest cuts to get your listeners around.

Finally some sweet Nordic beats from Muldvarp , which means “mole” in Danish. Muldvarp is said to take great pleasure in presenting the sonic possibilities to an international audience. The mix takes you on a sonic journey through the Scandinavian house and deep bass beats to end up in a place altogether happier than this one.

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