Simon Cowell said it best. If you’re going to do a cover make sur you “make the cover your own”. Whether that means putting a blues theme on a post dubstep witch house track, or a metal twist on a country and folk contemporary ditty, just make sure you put  slant on it that means people will now this is owned by you!

Possibly the best example of this is Johnny Cash covering Hurt by Nine Inch Nails, which many now regard as being a Cash track. Even Trent Reznor is quoted as saying when Johnny Cash cover’s your song it isn’t your song anymore.

The Dø’s is a pretty darn good example of that. They have taken Janelle Monaé’s upbeat feelgood track Tightrope and distorted it into a genre blurring 9 minute trip featuring a grunge worthy solo lasting 2 minutes and haunting ethereal vocals.

Check out the soundcloud below.

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