I know what your thinking. ANOTHER Lana Del Ray remix. Well yeh it is but this one is worth it. Promise. I should probably start by saying I really do not get the inimitable del ray explosion, and I do wonder how long it will be until the bubble bursts as violently as it was quick to grow. Lets hope it isn’t messy.

On to the music, the remix comes from the legendary Manchester resident Marcus Intalex. He takes, a track that for many might incite a sad face and forlorn poems and puts just enough of a twist on it to get any foot a’ skanking. The strings from the original are retained in part and create an indulgent atmosphere and Lana’s vocals are kept in full, chorus and all. Over the top Marcus dribbles a rude bouncing bass line and rolling 180bpm drums that fuse perfectly with the mood of the track.

Release date is forthcoming.

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