January is generally a slow month in the underground music scenes, everyone seems to be partied-out from December and optimistically clear-minded for the year ahead.

One of the big debates that has raised its head again is that of the effect of drugs on the dancefloor, fueled by the latest offing from Defected Records. The final product is below for you to have a listen;

“A garish take on the emotion fueled original that is clearly made for the audience Jamie Jones has won his accolades amongst, the new generation of K clubbers”

(Above) one commenter makes his feeling known, and many seem to share the same voice. We would love to know what you think?

“It’s an unavoidable fact that the recent boom in deep and tech-house has brought with it a club culture based around a drug which has as much to do with music as Shirley Bassey has to do with Chinese snail racing: Ketamine. I make these observations from the experience of being involved in and writing about the club scene in London extensively over the past year, but anyone who has been to a deep/tech house club night in London over the past few months will be familiar with scenes which could potentially be from Danny Boyle’s ‘28 Bumps Later’ where a cast of expressionless zombies try their best to crawl across a wall to the bar, making a combination of baby steps and aimless lunges to guess where the floor might be.”

This was a section taken from an article, Tom/The Boogie Cartel wrote or the Faith Fanzine, you can read it in full here.

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